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I know, there are TONS of DIY’s out there for sun jars, why do we need more? Well, we don’t, but here is my version of the sun jar DIY.
The stuff:
~A glass jar with a clear lid. I got mine from walmart for 3 dolla’s
~A solar powered garden light (make sure it fits in the lid before you buy it!!)  Also from walmart for less than 3 bucks.
~Frosting spray. From home depot.
~Silicone (not pictured) Local hardware store.
~Aquafina or Gatorade label (optional and also not pictured) Recycling bin.
Take the wire parts off the jar.
Now take the sticker (if you have one) off. If you can’t get it all off run the jar under warm or hot water and it should come off, just make sure its COMPLETELY DRY before you spray it with the glass frosting spray.
Take the lids off the garden lights. I don’t know if you can tell but the ones I got have 2 LEDs on each one because one of them is a white LED and the other changes colours. (that ones way better)
Now time to spray those babies. 😉
NOW YOU MAY SPRAY!! Make sure to spray in a well ventilated area so you don’t inhale the fumes. Outside works well but when I did this it was snowing. (IKR?! So annoying…)
Now while you wait for it to dry a little so you can put on the next coat you can put your silicone on. I got my dad to do this part. He spun the lid around while he put it on instead of walking around it to put it on, just in case you were wondering…
Then he licked his finger (I know it might sound gross, but it was so it wouldn’t get stuck to him) and twisted it around to give it a cleaner look. After that we sprayed another coat of frosting spray onto the jars.
And now, we wait…
The next day you can put them back together and put em on your window sill to soak up some sunshine. 🙂
These are really easy to make, the hardest part is waiting! I hope you get to make some! If you do post a picture on the wall on my Facebook page. Have fun! (;