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There I was, exploring pinterest (as usual, by the way follow me! I’m thecocobean) when I stumbled upon this;

DIY high-waisted shorts with lace pockets.

GAHH. They’re beautiful AND easy, so of course I had to make them! AND make it into a tutorial for you guys!

Here’s what you’ll need;




~A needle and thread

~Some type of marking tool

~(optional) Trim

1.Lay out your lace over your pocket(s) and draw an outline of the shape.

2.Cut out the shape.

3.Hand sew the lace onto the pocket the sides and bottom of the pocket, if you aren’t going to sew any trim on the top then you can sew that too. DO NOT SEW THROUGH BOTH LAYERS!!!

4.(Optional)Hand sew the trim on the top.

5.(Optional)Repeat! I didn’t because I like the asymetrical look, but that doesnt mean you can’t do it! Just do whatever you want!

AND YOU’RE DONE!! Now all you have to do is wear them!