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Have you ever seen any of those t-shirts ever that have a bunch of holes in the back that make it kind of look like a skull? Have you ever wanted one? Well, here’s how;

What you’ll need:

~A t-shirt or any type of jersey shirt (preferably looser fitting)

~Some type of marking tool (I used tailors chalk)


~Cardboard or a cutting board

Cut off the neckline, you don’t NEED to but it makes it look better…

Turn your shirt inside out and put your cardboard or cutting board inside. This helps when your marking where to cut and so you don’t cut through both layers.

Now draw with your marking tool where you are going to cut the holes. ^ This is what I did but you can do something COMPLETELY different if you want to. ALSO itdoesn’t have to be perfect, trust me, it’ll look fine.

Now start cutting your pieces out!

After all the pieces have been cut out…

Now take out the cutting board and   S  T  R  E  T  C  H   it out! When you stretch it it will curl the edges over and it gives a really cool effect.

Then I cut off all the hems, turned it right side out and…

TADA!! I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of me wearing it but I will probably post an OOTD kinda thang so you can see it in action (: This DIY is pretty self explanatory but if you didn’t know how and wanted to make it now you know!!

If you make it post it in the comments! I want to see it! Also post it on my facebook page!